Celebration Florida. You’ve Got To See This Place!

on February 25, 2016

I responded to a help wanted ad in Celebration after moving to Orlando just days before. It was a foggy morning when I drove into town so I couldn’t tell if beyond the white picket fences were horse pastures or a golf course. As it turned out, it would become my favorite golf course in Central Florida. I continued on into town passing beautiful homes with front porches and balconies. The town was immaculately landscaped. Once I arrived a the town center which surrounded a lake, I was had. Couples riding bikes, shopkeepers sweeping the sidewalks, tourists sitting in the shade by the lake, kids running through the fountain. Just a great American town-well that’s what Walt intended didn’t he? He might not have expected it to host the Great American Pie Festival or a top 5 exotic car show or have it snow in Florida for 30 straight days but he certainly had a vision and I’m sure he is proud of what his vision of an All American Town has become.

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