Orlando Food Scene is Sizzling

on June 7, 2017

When friends used to come to Orlando and ask for restaurant recommendations, I’d always send them to “restaurant row” on Sand Lake Rd. While I would still do so as there are a plethora of great dining spots new and old in that area, Orlando has recently exploded in terms of variety, quality, farm to table and unique experiences in many of its great neighborhoods. It’s almost too difficult to name all the notable eateries without missing lots of them, so I won’t. I’m going to direct you to an article by the Orlando Sentinel’s Lauren Delgado. I urge you to explore all the great eateries, breweries, food trucks, distilleries, wineries, sandwich shops, cafes, taverns, watering holes, food tours, food events, specialty stores, etc which the city beautiful has to offer!! Orlando Dining Scene



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